Flat cold-formable resistanceLA8005
Brass nozzle heaterLA8011
Steel nozzle heaterLA8015
Stainless steel nozzle heaterLA8017
Thermocouple with nozzle heaterLA8019
Thermocouple with nozzle heaterLA8020
Thermocouple blockLA8021
Eyelet thermocoupleLA8022
Eyelet thermocoupleLA8023
Eyelet thermocoupleLA8024
Block thermocoupleLA8025
Rod thermocoupleLA8026
Bayonet thermocoupleLA8027
Bayonet thermocouple tailLA8027B
Monobloc thermocoupleLA8028
Monobloc thermocoupleLA8029
Monobloc thermocoupleLA8030
Model S bayonet thermocoupleLA8060
Socket for Nozzle heaterLA8031
Socket for Nozzle heaterLA8032
Socket for Nozzle heaterLA8033
Socket for Nozzle heaterLA8034
Socket for Nozzle heaterLA8035
Socket for Nozzle heaterLA8036
Socket for Nozzle heaterLA8037
Junction blockLA8038