Ref. : LA663

Density: 7.85. Thermal Conductivity at 20 ° C: 105 Wm ° K-1; Coefficient of Thermal Expansion per ° C from +20 to 200 ° C: 17.46 x 10-6. Copper alloy without beryllium. 5 times more conductive than steel. Better quality of appearance. Easy machining. Material: Head 180 HB – Body 180 HB. DIN ISO 6751 (DIN 1530A).

NomCode LugandPrice
BROCHE LAMAC LA663 D 3,7X160MM TÊTE 7X3431254340,79
BROCHE LAMAC LA663 D 3,7X250MM TÊTE 7X3431254547,40
BROCHE LAMAC LA663 D 4,5X250MM TÊTE 8X3431255843,64
BROCHE LAMAC LA663 D 5,2X160MM TETE 10X3431256541,96
BROCHE LAMAC LA663 D 6,2X160MM TÊTE 12X5431257441,96
BROCHE LAMAC LA663 D 8,2X315MM TÒTE 14X5431259454,42
BROCHE LAMAC LA663 D16 X500MM TÊTE 22X74312640233,81
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)431251540,39
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)431252047,02
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)431253340,79
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)431253547,40
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)431255336,12
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)431256649,88
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)431257649,88
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)431259662,23
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)4312603113,14
Ejecteur tete cylindrique LAMAC (DIN 1530A)4312612115,61
PIN LAMAC LA663 10X160MM HEAD 16X5431259860,74
PIN LAMAC LA663 10X315MM HEAD 16X5431260095,73
PIN LAMAC LA663 12X160MM HEAD 18X7431260658,84
PIN LAMAC LA663 12X315MM HEAD 18X74312610110,99
PIN LAMAC LA663 14X160MM HEAD 22X7431261782,36
PIN LAMAC LA663 14X300MM HEAD 22X74312619105,22
PIN LAMAC LA663 16X160MM HEAD 22X7431263099,12
PIN LAMAC LA663 16X300MM HEAD 22X74312635139,76
PIN LAMAC LA663 2,5X160MM HEAD 5X2431250540,39
PIN LAMAC LA663 2,5X250MM HEAD 5X2431251047,02
PIN LAMAC LA663 2X160MM HEAD 4X2431249540,39
PIN LAMAC LA663 2X250MM HEAD 4X2431250047,02
PIN LAMAC LA663 3,5X160MM HEAD 7X3431253831,78
PIN LAMAC LA663 3,5X250MM HEAD 7X3431254044,23
PIN LAMAC LA663 3X160MM HEAD 6X3431252540,79
PIN LAMAC LA663 3X315MM HEAD 6X3431253044,65
PIN LAMAC LA663 4,5X160MM HEAD 8X3431255736,12
PIN LAMAC LA663 4,5X315MM HEAD 8X3431255543,64
PIN LAMAC LA663 4X160MM HEAD 8X3431254736,12
PIN LAMAC LA663 4X315MM HEAD 8X3431255046,00
PIN LAMAC LA663 5X160MM HEAD 10X3431255936,12
PIN LAMAC LA663 5X315MM HEAD 10X3431256256,24
PIN LAMAC LA663 6X160MM HEAD 12X5431256838,71
PIN LAMAC LA663 6X315MM HEAD 12X5431257044,65
PIN LAMAC LA663 7X160MM HEAD 12X5431257841,96
PIN LAMAC LA663 7X315MM HEAD 12X5431258158,00
PIN LAMAC LA663 8X160MM HEAD 14X5431258741,96
PIN LAMAC LA663 8X315MM HEAD 14X5431259060,74