Mould closing latchLA438
Cylindrical mould hookLA467
Ring for cylindrical mould hookLA467B
Modular hookLA435
Inclinable guideLA429
Double ejectionLA430
Early ejection returnLA468
Male tenonLA403TM
Key tenonLA403
Female tenonLA403TF
Mould hook with integrated springLA431
Mould hookLA441
Mould hookLA451
Mould hookLA461
Smooth ramp for mould hookLA452
Ramp for mould hook with notchesLA462
Mould hook springLA473
Mould hook tipLA474
Mould hook fixed stopLA475
Ejection acceleratorLA480
Male ejection zipperLA301-LA401-LA411-LA421
Female ejector hitchLA302-LA402-LA412-LA422
Ejection acceleratorLA481
Locking slideLA484
Locking slideLA485
Slide lockLA493
Slide lockLA494
Training cleatLA495
Drawer stopperLA488
Drawer stopperLA488T
Drawer stop baseLA488B
Drawer stopperLA489
Drawer stop baseLA489B
Drawer stopperLA492
Drawer stop baseLA492B
Drawer stopperLA490
Drawer stopperLA490T
Drawer stopperLA499
Drawer stop springLA499R
Holding plate for LA499LA499B
Cart lockLA487
Cart lockLA424
Inox valveLA428
Lamac valveLA428L